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Know the Code 0-1-2-3

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to drink and not have to worry about DUI's, fights with friends, missed opportunities because of alcohol, or putting our health at risk? Well, finally it's here. By following the guidelines set with the Party with a Plan program, your risk factors will be dramatically decreased. Of course, it's not a guarantee.

Even an experienced swimmer can get an unexpected leg cramp and drown, but the chances of harm are lessened if he or she follows safe guidelines. And for the drinker and the swimmer, the only way to guarantee 100% safety is to not get in the pool at all. But if you do, this program will reduce the risk of harm to you and those around you.

The Code is as simple as 0-1-2-3.

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Know the Code #0

Sometimes zero IS your best option. Listen to your instinct!

Know the Code #1

No more than one drink per hour (12 oz. beer, 5oz. wine, or 1 oz. shot).

Know the Code #2

Limit your drinking to no more than two times per week.

Know the Code #3

No more than three drinks in one day.

Studies also show that if you have a plan in mind before you go out, your chances of problems decrease. The tricky part can be to stick to the plan, especially if you go over the low risk guidelines. Ask yourself these questions so you can Party with a Plan.


Who are you going out with? Who are you meeting later on?


What are you planning to do? Do you have the details in mind before you leave your room?


Where are you going? Is it random or do you have a plan? Do others know the location in case they need to reach you?


If you're planning to drink, do you know your limit? The majority of people who get in trouble with alcohol go over their limit.


Why are you drinking? Are you blowing off steam, looking to relax, or drinking to escape? Knowing why you're drinking can help you avoid trouble and additional problems.


How are you getting home? Know this before you go out! Is your driver planning to drink? If so, make sure you have an alternate ride home.