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Party with a Plan for Your Campus, Business, or Organization

Party with a Plan is not just a book, but an entire program designed to be used as an alcohol education and prevention tool. Here's how it can be used:

Party with a Plan For Your Campus

Campus PWAP becomes your campus wide message for AOD programming. The Campus package includes:

  • A designated number of books, which can be customized for your campus.
  • Posters that can be placed on campus, giving details of the PWAP program and events that are coming up.
  • A Facilitators Guide that can be used by Residence Life staff, Student Conduct, Greek leaders, and Peer Educators to accentuate parts of the PWAP program.
  • PWAP wristbands that identify students who are following the PWAP program.
  • Other promotional items include tshirts, PWAP coasters, stamps, stickers, and more.
  • Can include speakers for NCAAW, orientation, or Safe Spring Break events.
PWAP For Your Business

Business PWAP becomes the policy for the business and dictates how alcohol is to be used at client or company functions. The business package includes:

  • A designated number of books which can be customized for your business
  • A facilitator's Guide to be used by managers, HR personnel, and others for training purposes.
  • PWAP wristbands that can be used to reinforce the message.
  • Posters that can be placed in break rooms or other places on site.
  • Other promotional items can be ordered such as coffee mugs, coasters, and tshirts
  • Speakers can be available for training purposes
PWAP For Your Organization

Organization PWAP can be used as a message for organization members to reinforce the safe use of alcohol. The organization package includes:

  • A designated number of books which can be customized for your organization
  • A facilitator's Guide which can be used by organization leaders to train newer members
  • PWAP wristbands to reinforce the PWAP message
  • Posters with PWAP messages
  • Other promotional items
  • Speakers are available for meetings and conferences